Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend wrap-up October 7-9 and Dr. L.

How was your weekend?
Here was my weekend in photos:

On my doorstep was a box and in that box was 4 beautiful
Halloween stars made from the creative hands of Mr. Kurt Knudsen.
If you love Halloween as much as I do, you must have a star or two
glowing in your windows (or hanging from your dinning room chandeliers).
These stars make me so happy and I am so excited to see what
he has planned for Christmas.
Shop for these amazing creations here.

{Kurt's awesome newsletters}

{Me in Steven's studio with the children's paintings. I am so excited!}

Of course this weekend we visited Steven Waggoner's creative art space downtown Provo.
He unveiled the super beautiful photos of the paintings he did of my four children.
I was thrilled. Now with 'lil peanut on the way,
we are brainstorming ideas of how to incorporate Nielson #5 into the circle.
It should be fun.
He also introduced me to Annie Henrie who is another
beautiful artist and they share the same creative space
{Mr. Nielson and the children post parade on the Madsen bike}

Did you know it was BYU's homecoming?
That means Saturday morning we get up early,
bundle up and watch the locals parade down 9th East in Provo.
{including the Cougar marching band below:}

{Can you tell what photo Mr.Nielson took with his droid and the photo I took with
Mr. Job's (r.i.p.) amazing little ditty...a big difference in clarity if I may say so myself}

It was a chilly morning, and after the parade Mr. Nielson made our living room
cozy with a fire in our fireplace, and then the children spread their candy on the floor.
(I know what your thinking with the photo below:
Oh, Stephanie how did you pick up all that trash and junk on the floor?!
Don't worry, Jimmy ate up the extra candy/trash-easy!)

{Vance and Andrew watching the kids watch the parade * Fire + candy = cozy home}

And then I...
switched the children's (and my)summer sheets for warmer flannel ones.
*Got our Halloween decorations, and
watched Riley Nelson dominate as quarterback at the BYU game.

Great weekend.
Oh by the way, check out this recent interview
(I did last month at the Maricopa Burn Center Burn Symposium)
Check out the handsome Dr. L.
{who is I believe in a hot looking camel sports jacket}
Oh stuff!