Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weekend at the Nielson home:

I found out what Nielson #5 is.
I am super excited-
The Vintage Pearl is going to help me deliver the news to you.
Look for a darling piece of jewelry from TVP as I make
my announcement on an upcoming blog!
Vintage Pearl is having a Christmas early-bird sale.
Check out the website and use code NIE15 for 15% off.
{the code was having problems, it is working now. Let me know if you
run into any problems...enjoy!}
My personal favorite? Here, and here

Today was beautiful. Autumn here is amazing.
Just beautiful.

Mr. Nielson took his girls to 'My Fair Lady' at the Hale theater in Salt Lake.
The exciting thing about that play was that my talented and genius brother Christopher Clark directed the play. It was darling and I was so proud of him. The actors were fantastic.
A must see if your in the area.

{My beauties waiting for the show to begin}

Ollie came home from school with a bag full of leaves, acorns, pine cones, and sticks.
His first grade class went on a field trip in the woods.
He came home, dumped out his goods, sorted through them, found the coolest things,
found a few critters in the mix, put it all back in the sack,
and then I made him vacuum up the carpet.

It was so wonderful being a mother today.

Today Mr. Nielson departs on the Fall break daddy/daughter camp-out.
I am kind of jealous that I am not going. The mountains are thrilling to look at
and being in them would be even more thrilling.
But I will snuggle with my boys until Friday when I drop off Ollie in exchange for my
girls. Ollie will then hike/camp with Mr. Nielson on the annual Men's Deer-hunt
with my brothers and their sons.
Whew, what a weekend!
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A T T E N T I O N:
If you are interested in sponsoring this years
2nd Annual Madsen Bike Rally
please e-mail me at
{more details on the ride to come}

PS...when I say I got in the HOT TUB with Mr. Nielson, how do you know it was an actual
"Hot Tub"?? It could be just our bathtub- but really, thanks for your concern and multiple e-mails. I have talked to doctors about this and we are good.
The "hot tub" helps my sore stretched skin and burns, so its all good.