Thursday, October 06, 2011

Up the road...and lessons learned

***A Very happy Birthday to my baby Nicholas. He is five.
His birthday post will be written for tomorrow**

Up the road from my home is a little spot that is tucked away.
I love it up there. It is beautiful, quite and lush with sunflowers, tall grass, Russian Olive trees and plenty of rocks.
The children love it there.
I love it there, Jimmy loves it there, and someday we will make our home here.

Today it rained.
I was completely amazed at how invigorating the rain makes me feel.
I have way more energy with a happier disposition when it is dark and gray outside.
My sickness is subsiding everyday, but with it goes my energy too.
I am still fast hard at work producing my new book coming out in the Spring.
Today I have been collecting and picking photos to put in the book.
Its been a hard process, and through it, I remember just how happy and lovely my life was just before the accident.

{Me months before the accident in a AZ monsoon}

I have had to remind myself that time heals and that this time is wonderful too.
In 2008 my body was easier to move, I was prettier, and lived with endless energy.
Now, I have a broken body, constant aches and pains, different face, but a baby on the way and indescribable amounts of wisdom and spiritual growth that would not have happened without the accident.

It is a lesson I learn everyday, and without fail when all is said and done, I would get in the accident over and over again to learn the lessons I have learned.
Besides I believe with a firmness that one day this sweet little body of mine will have...
"all things {shall }be restored to their proper and perfect frame restored to its perfect state" ...(Alma 11:42. Book of Mormon)
What an amazing blessing and promise.

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