Monday, October 24, 2011

Things to bring to your attention today...

{more about our little hike below}

While Mr. Nielson was gone this past weekend, I did a little online browsing.
Here is what I came up with:

Have you checked out True Birds?
A darling little site that has the most beautiful things.
This past weekend, I wore this with this.
Claire loved it. She might wear this cute headband to school.
Check out Groupon for discounts on this amazing site and accessories-
$25 for $50 worth of jewelry and accessories from True Birds.
You will get 50% off with the Groupon plus free shipping.
{Groupon can be used by anyone!!}


I am sure everyone by now knows about Ruche.
Check out the latest Autumn coats, hats and jackets.


Last but not least, again I remind you Madsen bikers-or those of you interested in a Madsen
( you know, the holiday's are approaching}, just a simple invite to join us on the Madsen bike rally. {Information below} This year, Mr. Madsen is giving away a new PINK bike!
Enter to win today!

Tomorrow I will be announcing little peanuts sex.
{if you don't already know, I've let it slip a few hundred times}
I am excited.
I am also planning on sharing the photos I took at
Gardners Village WitchFest.
(for you locals) on Wednesday.
And of course, check out my backyard. Literally, I live right here.
Its so beautiful. My body is aching to hike and smell the mountain fall air.
I am feeling well enough to make this my daily hike again.
I NEED IT, it truly does something to my soul, and I need it to breathe.