Monday, October 31, 2011

October 29, 2001-October 29, 2011

{My Halloween report tomorrow}

Claire turned ten.
I can't get over that.

Claire made me a mother.
I had always wanted to be a mother.
Shorty after Claire was born, Christian would come home from
a long day of school and work.
He'd give me a quick kiss then walk over to wherever Claire was and
pick her up and cradle her in his jacket.
He'd hold her like that until dinner was ready.

I may be Claire's mother, but she has taught me amazing things in these last 10 years.
I will always be grateful for her and this tender experience I am having.

Claire wanted to make cupcakes for her birthday party.
I went to local Blickenstaff's for candy to decorate the cupcakes.
Of course our cupcakes came from The Sweet Tooth Fairy.
Two flavors- chocolate/vaNIElla

{Birthday's around the Nielson home start off early and always include balloons}

Claire's 10 year old gifts included:
This adorable Lomography Diana + Dreamer Camera here.
Penny Bank from Nicholas here.
Warm winter coat here.
Critter slippers here {from Ollie}
American Girl Halloween costume here.
Calico Critters {from Jane} here.
Twig {from here}
Clothes {here}
{I personally like Maple Town better, but those are hard to find}

Happy Halloween!!!
I am going to watch The Watcher in the Woods tonight cuddled next to
Mr. Nielson. I know its just a Disney movie, but Oy ve Oy, That movie is scary!