Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New York is beautiful...

{Me and Mr. Nielson on Broadway looking for hot chocolate* A pink belt around lil peanut...what do you think?}

Mr. Nielson and I arrived in beautiful New York City late this afternoon.
October in this great city is amazing, and I am happy to be here.
I called the children back at home to check up on them.
Here was Claire's report:
Ollie had a bad day, he missed me.
Jane just wants me to help her find a Halloween costume when I return.
Nicholas was just fine, nothing to report.
Claire went on a field trip today, "the walk was loooong"

Mr. Nielson and I walked the streets with large hot chocolates talking about how thankful we are that we understand God's plan. Its amazing when you get around a lot people, just how many people are lost and looking for truth. I am so lucky to have that answer, and so lucky to have a happy marriage, and four gorgeous babies at home waiting for me.
And of course lil peanut safety in my tummy.