Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm a ghost, with a few announcements

{These are my Halloween ghost photos. I seriously look like a scary ghost.
Look how gnarly my scars look- especially the ones around my neck. Pretty creepy
if I do say so myself. Watch out, I'm watching yoOOoooOOOoou!}

I had a "normal" day today.
That means:
1. I got out of bed before 8:00
2. Made children their lunches
3. Poured cereal in bowls for breakfast
4. Took the children to school
5. Cleaned my house
6. Got in the shower
7. Didn't throw up (yet)
8. Took the boys to the best grocery store in Utah
10. Talked to my Mom on the phone.
11. Visited this amazing place with Mr. Nielson
12. Served dinner
13. Cleaned up dinner
14. Held FHE
15. Helped children in the shower
16. Made Hot chocolate for FHE treat (with homemade whipped cream, mind you)
17. Put children to bed
18. Got in the hot tub with Mr. Nielson-it was hot.
19. Finally, (I knew it was going to happen sometime-) threw up
20. Bed before midnight.

That ladies and Gentlemen, is a normal day for me, and I thanked God over
and over for today. It was so wonderful. May tomorrow be the same.