Monday, October 03, 2011

Can I come to your house for the holiday?

Yep, its getting that time of year.
I am excited to introduce to you the newest addition of Matthew Mead's beautiful magazines.
Holiday 2011 expanded issue is now ready for purchase via the website.
The magazine will also be sold on newsstands, but a special expanded edition will only be sold online, plus the expanded issue is ready for purchase now.
There benefits of buying the keepsake issue-the fact that it is BIG: it is an expanded issue, with additional pages of beautiful holiday ideas, recipes, and projects and it arrives directly to our readers' mailbox before the newsstand edition is available.
I share a few of my Christmas ideas with the children- minus Nicholas,
who at the last minute fell asleep on the couch and could not be awakened.

You want one, yes? Can we (the magazine)be invited to your house for the Holidays?
For your viewing pleasure, a video has been created just
to show you how darling this next issue will be go here for the video. (or below)

As much as I am soooo into Halloween, I can't deny the fact that I am ready for snow, cold, Christmas trees, music, and sweaters. So exciting.

Did everyone enjoy conference?
I felt so impressed and there were highlights that jumped out
at me with distinctive impressions that will be imprinted on my heart forever.
Sister Elaine Dalton, well done on a beautiful talk!
to listen, talk or read go here.