Friday, October 21, 2011

Blessed Mother

Early this morning I dropped off Mr. Nielson and my girlie's
for the daddy daughter camp-out.
The girls were eager and so excited to just have Mr. Nielson's attention.
After, I took the boys to get ice cream and then to the park.

I sat and watched the boys playing in the park.
Behind us the gorgeous colored mountains beamed.
I said a prayer right then and there in my head.
I was so thankful. I live in a happy beautiful spot.
I have healthy and happy children.
I am feeling better, and so grateful that I have another
Nielson-child floating in my stomach.
I have a wonderful husband who treats me with love and adoring respect.
My cars run, and my home is warm and cozy.
I am truly a blessed woman.

{Claine excited for the 5 hour hike}

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