Friday, October 28, 2011

Beautiful Heartbeak.

{blowing bubbles-I've always been good at that}

Mr. Nielson and I have been in Arizona for a quick trip.
I met with Dr. L., where with one look he checked my ever growing
and stretching baby tummy-{scar tissue expanding ever so painfully}-and said:
"Its going to be just fine".
And that was that.
Then he took some pictures of me, pinched my neck
{as he always does}
to check his latest work {here}
Don't worry Dr. L, it doesn't hurt as much anymore when
you pinch the scarring with your manly surgeon fingers.
I'm getting tougher, and healing up just fine.

I drove past Trader Joes {PLEASE come to UTAH}
here in Mesa and got teary eyed.
These streets and familiar sites remind me
of days before the accident. My life seemed much simpler, I was living more "normally".
I have been doing so well with my emotions. I know with all
my heart that this accident was meant to be, and I have learned so much, I wouldn't
take it away. I have learned so many lessons and this heartbreak of mine
has indeed turned into something remarkable and beautiful.
Even my stretched out pregnant stomach is beautiful with
pink and purple scar tissue covering a good portion of it.
{Mr. Nielson thinks so too-my girls however, don't so much}
It proves to me that I am alive and I have life growing in that space again.
I am truly a blessed woman.
I have four beautiful children.
One amazing husband.
Loving family members.
Awesome doctors and staff caring for me.
And, peeps who are on my side who love me and protect me.
{Pat and group}
Thank you.

Check out this beautiful video that Jed Wells made
for local inspirational singer Hilary Weeks.
I was honored to be a part of this project, thank you Hilary.

Its time I start with maternity clothes...I hope they work!