Monday, October 17, 2011

Back home

{that may or may not be Mr. Glenn Beck- or his ghost behind me.
His apartment view is amazing! }

I had such an amazing time in New York City with Mr. Nielson.
We have a lot coming down the pipe here in the next few months for our family.
It will be a crazy and exciting time for us and I am ready to do it!
I will let you all know whats going on as soon as I can.
Mr. Nielson and I visited with Mr. Glenn Beck on his new network.
We talked about faith, women, the accident, lessons learned, and of course God,
you know the usual things I always talk about.
You can get a glimpse of the interview here.
{thanks to the Mormon Messages for the video clips}

{Scenes from the Glenn Beck interview. I have WAY too much make-up on}

If you ever want to know what the word thinks about everything;
Go to New York, take taxi's everywhere and talk to the driver.
The driver will let you know how he feels about everything.
Add it all up, and you pretty much know what the world is thinking.
Most of the time it's not good.

The second I got home Jane reminded me that Halloween was 15 days away and I
promised to help her with costume. I'm on it!
The second I got home my stomach hurt again.
I think something inside my house makes me nauseated.
Its such a weird feeling, and so frustrating!

My heart is going out to this family. Praying for you!!!
Also this sweet family.
I hate the sadness in the world, yet so grateful for a plan and
comfort knowing that God is in charge.
Thank heavens!!