Thursday, September 22, 2011

Who's Gonna Drive You Home

{Jane in the car on one of our many drives around town}

This pregnancy is much different than the others.
My body is sore and my skin feels like it is spread so thin-
because of the burns-and because I am not on anymore medicine
to help and assist in my pain and aches.

The best cure?
Drives. Driving. Moving in a car.

Car drives around town make me feel comfortable and at ease.
The weather is perfect for windows down with the wind directly on my face.
This morning Mr. Nielson was out and about and I texted him asking him to come
to pick me up and drive me around. {He even bought me a slushie}
I was in my robe and uggs and couldn't have been happier.
The leaves are changing faster and faster everyday, and I am worried I will miss them.
I know I wont miss a thing driving around.

I love Sirius XM 80's on 8-the best music ever-ever.
I listened to The Cars sing "Who's Gonna Drive You Home?"
It was so nostalgic and so perfect.
Mr. Nielson is gonna drive me home, and around and to the gas station
for a slushie.

As luck would have it, Mr. Nielson had to pick up our winter wood for burning.
That took us to Heber, up Provo Canyon.
The drive was beautiful and I felt happy.

Now, where can I go tomorrow?!

If its your birthday today, Happy Birthday!!