Friday, September 09, 2011

weekend videos

Its the weekend. Good news!
My inbox has been full with wonderful women sharing their pregnant deodorant fixes.
It is genius. Thank you.

My Sundance getaway was another genius move.
I took the evening away from life, slowed down, and ordered my food in.
It was quaint and cozy and beautiful.
While there I worked on my book due out in Spring.
It has been an emotional ride for me, and then I found this song
by Sarah Brightman titled the same name as my book.
"Heaven is here"
{Just a little fyi...cheesy song?
I can't decide, everything cheesy right now
seems totally fine to me}

This video made me laugh really really hard.
It felt sooooooo good.
I promise you want to watch it- all of it especially at 1:40.

Happy weekend.