Friday, September 23, 2011

In the Bleak Mid-Winter.

Last night I lay in my bed and listened to Shawn Colvin's beautiful album
"Holiday songs and Lullabies". I listen to this CD year-round.
It makes me happy and since not all the songs are holiday I justify it.

I listened to a particular song on her album "In The Bleak Mid-Winter" .
With tears in my eyes, I remembered simpler days.
In those "simpler" days, like 10 years ago,
I lived in a small 100 year old home while Mr. Nielson went to school and worked.
Claire was just a 2 month old chubby baby.

My days consisted of:
1. Nursing Claire
2. Reading magazines
3. Visiting my Mom
{yep, pretty much.}

I saw myself sitting in my white rocking chair that I found at a second hand store.
It was bedtime and I was putting Claire down for the night.
The lights were off and the door cracked open.
I was listening to Shawn Colvin sing and Mr. Nielson type on his computer outside the door.
I was content and wishful. I had no idea where my life would go.
I guess that is why we live each day with faith so when and if something happens to us,
we are prepared. Ready to take it on. It's not easy, its actually a huge challenge;
to take life on with faith and resolve-everyday.
But it is possible and a much easier and happier way to live.
Listening to this song reminded me of that.

You should buy this album...its beautiful, hopeful and it will make you cry...probably.
{Claire's cute pants here.}