Thursday, September 01, 2011

I need a laugh-or two

This is why I love my sweetie pie Nicholas Jones:

1. He takes photos of himself, and they are awesome.

2. He eats hummus and his breath stinks for weeks.

3. He kisses me whenever I ask.

4. He has a lisp and it is adorable.

5. He is always good for a laugh.

Happy September!!!!!
Happy for me, lately each evening it thunders with some lightning.
I get so excited and it makes me forget that I don't feel so hot.
And once, after I returned from getting a drink in the kitchen Mr. Nielson
told me that he saw a "huge lightning bolt" while I was gone.
Who says "lightning bolt"? That was super funny and I laughed all night long.

I am into:

a.Tomatoes- they have to be home grown. (you better believe I can tell)
b Wheres Waldo? I downloaded the app. Loads of fun.
c. Kix cereal- but only at night.

Happy late birthday to Marcus and Elizabeth!