Thursday, September 08, 2011

Good things to come.

I am back from a delightful getaway at Sundance.
I took photos, and will post them for Friday's blog.
It was one of the best experiences I have had in awhile.

I met with the most incredible man today.
After my accident in 2008, when I was aware and able,
I was lucky enough to meet with a man named Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.
As a member of the of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, meeting Elder Holland was (and is) an honor.
A huge honor.
He blessed and visited with me and brought me more hope than I could ever type.
After, he promised me that he would give me "birthday blessings" every year.
This year my birthday blessing happened today, It was perfect timing.
I was able to ask questions and share my feelings.
I know God lives and loves me.
But after I spoke to Elder Holland, I was reminded
even more, and it also reminded me of why I do hard things.
Because blessings come without fail.
Because I can do anything with an all-knowing Savior.
Because it is always worth it. Always.

Today was one of the best days-ever-even in my pregnant "grumpy" state.
If you are not familiar with Elder Holland and you want to know why I love him
so much, Please watch this
or read this
Preferably both.
Elder Holland is the man who speaks at the end of the amazing
'My new life video' here.

I also thought of three things one must do before death:

1. Ride up Provo canyon with windows (or a convertible) down. You have to go really fast and you have to smile really big. It works even better if you stick your head out the window-for full-effect.

2. Ride a horse going really fast with your eyes closed. {haven't done this one in years, it just sounds kind of fun}

3. Hug Elder Holland. You will never forget it, ever.

Think about these suggested-bucket-list items.
I think you will all agree these must be done.
Oh, and I guess a fourth; read my favorite book- amazing things will come. They will!
I will send you one for free. I would be happy too.
It would be an absolute honor! I promise there are no strings attached.
The offer always stands.
It is a pretty incredible book.