Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Full moon

Today was better than the day before.
I still watched about 4 hours worth of PBS kids with
Nicholas before getting dressed and ready for the day.
But, at least I wasn't throwing up.
Some ladies in my ward brought over delicious food for dinner tonight.
I love being a part of a church and community where people are more
than willing to pick up some of the pieces when everything seems to be falling apart.
I truly am a blessed lady.

Tonight Mr. Nielson and I took the Nielson 4 up to Sudance to experience the beautiful full moon on the ski lift. The children were in awe seeing the ground below covered in green green grass and wildflowers. They are used to snow, so this was so magical. The evening grew dark and then out from behind the mountain popped the moon bright and glorious. We all cheered when we saw it, and then I cried.
I cried because it was beautiful.

{Claire, Nicholas, Jane, and Ollie...pretending to shoot something}

I cried because Jane kept saying that tonight was a night she would remember forever.
Claire couldn't wait to write about the experience in her journal at school tomorrow.
And then, what should happen next?
A GINORMICA shooting star shot so far across the sky I thought it would never end.
Then I cried.
God is so good. He created the most beautiful magical things for us to enjoy and all because he loves us and wants us to be happy. Wow. What a tearful thought.

Then I secretly wished that just Mr. Nielson and I were alone on the lift together.
What a romantic 45 minutes that would be.
Instead he was on the lift behind me with the boys drinking hot chocolate, next time-oh yes next time. I have it all planned; blankets, pandora on the iphone, some red vines,
and hopefully we will just end up making out.
You should go next time...see you there? I'll be snuggled up to my Mr.
For times and dates, go here.

Then I saw and talked to this man.
He is a pretty cool dude, just as I suspected.