Thursday, September 15, 2011

First glimpse

{That's my gummy bear lil peanut sucking his/her thumb}

Today was so exciting!!

I got to listen and see lil peanut for the first time.
I had so many emotions;
I was so thrilled, excited, relieved, blessed, and then I felt like throwing up.
My doctor is a sweetheart and the more I know him, the more I love his wife.
His wife had 10 children (some of which he delivered).
This is not going to be easy, but Dr. (thinking of a suitable alias)
made me feel like a normal, healthy 30 year old just happened to have a very unlucky day in August of 2008 where I got in a plane crash and burned biggie though.

Oliver's teacher sent me home with this adorable story he wrote.
I felt a little better about myself.
I guess my children don't think I am a sick mom all the time.
They are so resilient and handle things so much better than I think.
I guess I should know that by now,
they have each gone through so much in their little lives.

On a side note:
I have listened to Mindy Gledhill's first album probably 40 times in the last few days.
It always makes me feel hopeful.
This album was with me through Oliver's pregnancy and Nicholas' too.
Its amazing what beautiful music can do.