Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall colors ride begins: and a shout out:

It began, just like that.
Our annual Fall Colors Ride.
It began today since I noticed that the tips of the mountains out my window
were turning glorious colors.
Reds, oranges, browns, and bright yellows.
I am so happy!
After church, I piled the children in the familygator and we rode up
beautiful Provo Canyon to Midway- the same place that Mr. Nielson and I had our
wedding luncheon.
The autumn colors do something to me. Something indescribable.
It makes me happy, energized, and competently content- even when I feel so awful.

Every Sunday we will take the children to a new spot to show them
what Autumn does to the trees, mountains, and to my soul.

And now a shout out.
Dear Carlie,
Thank you for making me feel so beautiful.
You are an amazing artist and sooo good at what you do.

Carlie: cuts, colors, and styles hair. She can also anything really, why just recently she cut my girls hair short so my pregnant nose could hug them without you-know-what-ing.

Recently, Carlie fixed my eyelashes so they sing.
If you want your eyes to sing too, call Carlie.
You can reach her at:801-362-4314
You will be glad you did.

Did I mention that she travels???