Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blood and Mitt Romney

First things first:
My boys. They are really funny. Really funny.
They dressed themselves up in army gear and went for a walk-
but not far because I could hear them talking,
laughing and making gun sounds out my window.
Then they went quiet.
They came in about 15 minutes later and looking like this:
{I have no idea who's blueberry patch they raided for blood, but thanks!}

{"Blueberries that look like real life blood!!"}

Then, I watched this awesome documentary looking into why
1 in 5 Americans say they wouldn't vote for a Mormon for President.
Obviously that goes against the constitution
and is an important thing for our democracy to consider.
Check it out, help it out, and pass it along.
I don't think us Mormon's are that bad. Really.

My favorite part?:
When a man on this documentary says he'd rather
"vote for Bugs Bunny than a Mormon"
Duh, doesn't he know Bugs Bunny is not real??? Sheesh.
Check out more here.

I am so excited for October! Its coming...Its coming!