Thursday, September 29, 2011

Afternoon out.

{On Mr. Nielson's honda}

I was in some pain last night.
My skin is so tight and it feels like huge red ants are crawling up and
down my legs and arms all night long keeping me awake.
Its awful.
Its a funny thing about sleep and then not getting it.
It so devastating and feels so unfair.
The night is so quiet and the cool air blows in our bedroom window
and I must say it is pretty cozy- even if I'm going crazy.
I must have fallen off to sleep at some point because I woke up to light-
{and Mr. Nielson's Coldplay alarm}.

I usually feel stagnant around 3:00, and so today I asked my Mr. Nielson
to fire up his Motee and take me for a spin around town.
The Autumn air feels so nice, and I love to be so close to him.

{Did you know Mr. Nielson loved {and loves} INXS. I make him sing
this song to me at night sometimes, its super attractive}