Saturday, August 06, 2011

Sweet Reminders:

I am in San Diego.
(Speaking at the BlogHer conference?! )
I wont be back blogging for a few days, for now, enjoy these sweet reminders:
* * *
I just wanted to bring to your attention the winner of the 3 dozen
Cakebites from the Sweet Tooth Fairy ...{post here.}
A BIG sweet CONGRATULATIONS to Shauna John.
(I envy you)
* * *
And, a friendly reminder:
NIE DAY at Sweet Tooth Fairy:
on August 13 at all of the Sweet Tooth Fairy locations (7 locations),
there will be the annual NieNie Fundraiser.
What that really means is that proceeds from the sale of the Va-NIE-lla Squared
cupcakes will go to the Arizona Burn Unit.
They are building up the pediatric burn center and I really want to help them out.
I'll be making the rounds to a few of the locations that day-
( I'll post my schedule later) so hopefully I will see you there!
* * *
Oh, and in the meantime, if you live in Utah County, go stop by their newest location in Orem at University Village at University Mall out by Cinemark Theaters. It's the grand opening this weekend and you can enter for a chance to win one year's supply of cupcakes. To die for!

I had to yell that-{ computer style}, because that is a big deal.