Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Summer School/Summer boating

During the summer, my Mom always had us up doing jobs in the morning.
After jobs, it was Mom's famous Summer school. I hated it.
And now I am doing the same.
I am making sure my children are ready for school in about 20 days.
I got plain white books and they decorated them all different.
{I am wishing that I would have did this genius idea about 5 weeks ago}
I am hoping they will enjoy using them as much as they did creating them.
Everyday we have a different agenda: spelling, reading, poems, math and writing.
My girls are loving it, my boys-not so much.

BlueLily took the most beautiful photos of my family on the
Auroramark-our sailboat.
It was a beautiful typical summer Utah day.
You can watch the video here {or below} and I am putting it up on my sidebar.
It SO deserves it. Bluelily {blog} is pretty much amazing.
Along with the photos, I will be posting their next whereabouts schedule.