Wednesday, August 17, 2011


{da da da da da daaa da du du du du du du. da da da da da daaa da du du du du du du
That is the Wizard of Oz witch song)

Thank you to all of your well-wishes on Nielson baby #5.
I am just barely along, but since I am deathly ill, I can't keep it much of a secret.
{especially on facebook, I feel sooo loved}

Today I went to the grocery store with my daughters and a man came up to me
and asked me what had happened, when I told him he responded with:

"Well, I'm used to talking and meeting with people who aren't normal.
I have a few of them in my family.
So, that is why I am not scared to talk to you"

I was shocked, and in my pregnancy state I began to cry and walked away.
I feel very fragile.
It was nice to come home to Mr. Nielson who took me on a motorcycle ride
through beautiful Provo this evening.
We also stopped at the snow shack and got a peach/lemon/lime slush.
A craving of mine.
I think I deserved it too.

A few announcements,
Girls Night Out...have you heard?
{Correction, I put Time out for Women, but meant Girls night out...
Sorry for the confusion!!}
I will be speaking at this free event. Information here.

*Fer fun*
Check this out. I love to bike!
{Favorite part of this picture, Jimmy peeing on the address pole. }

Some of you have asked where I shop for my girlies....mostly here.