Monday, August 01, 2011

Sister Cindy Sue

{Me and Cindy cooling it on the couch}

My Mom came into town on Thursday morning to attend her father's
(my Papa) funeral. It was a beautiful, happy one.
All my Jones cousins were there and Aunts and Uncles I love so much.
The funeral was heartbreaking but more joyous than anything.
The fact that we believe that we will see Papa Jones again made the
funeral a celebration rather than a tragedy.
That is what the Gospel of Jesus Christ does, it offers- peace.

{Page, Lucy, Sister Cindy Sue, Me, Cjane behind Papa.}

{Do you spot this guy???}

{I carried around Papa's watch in my purse}

Now I am enjoying time with Sister Cindy Sue (My Mother)
Have a good week!