Friday, August 26, 2011

A note to you from Nie.

Its Friday and I am headed to Arizona with Mr. Nielson.
Lil peanut wont like the flight, and neither will I.
We are speaking at the Burn Symposium, and I feel honored to be a part of it.
I just don't feel super social right now. That is a crummy feeling.
Speaking of crummy, I am also feeling quite crabby too. {see my note below}
Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!

Just a little thought from me to you.
To all of you worried and wondering why the children don't have
life jackets or "safety vests"{ as some of you call it} on our recent
photo session with Blue Lilly (here).
I just want to maybe help you feel more at ease.
After the 500th e-mail I got yesterday about it, I thought I'd explain.
We wanted the photos to looked a little relaxed...just for the 1/2 hour we shot.
So we made the choice of photographing the family sans "safety vests". We were however, prepared with 3 water patrol officers, {in boats, which you don't see}
and 3 lifeguards on deck just in case. Oh, and one helicopter flying overhead-

We always make our children wear a life jacket- always, when we go boating.
Mr. Nielson and I feel very strongly about this.

As always, thanks for your concern.

I really want:
-tufo lettuce wraps
-peach snow cones
-beets drenched in vinegar