Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I can go the Distance

Since lil peanut has joined my stomach, I haven't been feeling so hot.
I can't go downstairs, the smell, oh, the smell. Not sure what it is, but it bothers me.
I got the children off for school today sans lunch because
I can't open the refrigerator. I just can't do it.
Unfortunately, I opened the garbage can today and then threw-up next to it right after.
I cry easy. I watched Disney's Hercules today with Nicholas for "quiet time".
I cried at when Hurc sings "Go the Distance".
I sleep with a gum wrapper stuffed up my nose and sleep with gum in my mouth.
That way, when I wake up the taste in my mouth doesn't kill me.

On top of that, I am dying for a cold, gray day complete with rain.
I can only handle so much sun...that's just me.