Thursday, July 14, 2011

VOTE for the fairy!

So, you know The Sweet Tooth Fairy ? where the delicious "Va-NIE-lla Cupcakes were born? and where my birthday cakes come from? and where the family and I go to indulge in a little treat? Well, my friend Megan, THE Sweet Tooth Fairy, has been on QVC several times selling their amazing Cakebites live on- air. And these little bites of heaven have been nominated in their Customer Choice Food Awards as the best newcomer. Please vote for them!
Go to question 8 here.

If you haven't tried the Cakebites for yourself, you can go here and order some.
They're delish and you will not be disappointed.
Make sure to enter "nienie" upon checkout for a 10% discount. Sweet, eh?
(literally and figuratively)
And get excited because The Sweet Tooth Fairy may be coming to a city
near you too as they are growing and planning to open up shop all
across the country. woohoo!

{Betsy's a fan}

Also, a reminder, August 13 is their annual NieNie Fundraiser where proceeds from the sale of the VaNIElla cupcakes go to the Arizona Burn Center. Keep it on your calendars! I'll be visiting several of their stores that day!

PS...have you tried the cupcake shakes? Wow. That's all I will say about that.

{Me with a raspberry lemonade cake shake}