Thursday, July 21, 2011

Route 66

{Photo's by Bluelily photography)

Today we are headed to famous Route 66 to the
Nielson Bluewater Heritage Ranch and we are very excited.
This year we are hosting my family-the Clark's.
This is the first time for me going back since August 16, 2008.
You know, the accident.

We checked the weather, it is supposed to rain most of the time we are there.
There is nothing like thunderstorms at the ranch though- nothing.
It is beautiful, smells good, and the thunder is exhilarating!
{Kind of like my photos above- Our recent BlueLily session.}

Mr. Nielson and I have been running around like headless chickens buying food,
preparing the games, menus, and all the odds and ends.
I am new at this hosting business.
Hopefully it will be as beautiful as how St. Mary (my mother-in-law) does it.
It always goes off without a hitch.

We will be meeting the Clark gang at our home at 7:00 tomorrow morning.
I'll write from the road, and let you now how Cowboy Nielson and I are doing at hosting.