Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Most of the time it was super fun!

I just got home from the Bluewater Ranch.
It was different being the host/hostess, I loved it though.
I have so much more to report on:
(look for more blogs to come)
-the throw-ups
-the car rides
-the dog (s)
-the games
-the food
-the laughs
-the conversations about Papa
-paint by numbers
-rattlesnake hunting
-our family church day

I love my family.
I think we could go to a dump and have a good time together.
It was so much fun. I am so blessed and grateful for them.
On the last day though, about 5 people were sick.
I mean throw-up on both ends sick.
We all scattered out of there leaving the ranch in the hands of
Mr. Nielson. I am home for Papa's funeral and Mr. Nielson is still there
with the children for the Nielson Day's.
I hope they don't get sick.

{Andrew after swimming in the hole}

Happy Birthday to this big boy.
He woke up to two of his daughters barfing in his ears.
You are a champ!!