Friday, July 15, 2011

Holiday wrap-up

I asked my children after I finally finished the last load of laundry-from
our delicious holiday, what their favorite parts were.

It went like this:

Claire said:
"I loved being up in the mountains watching the fireworks with Livvy and Avrey.
That was so much fun-even if I got 32 misquote bites.
Seriously Mom, I counted"

Jane said her favorite part was Breakfast:
"It was the first time you made pancakes in a long time,
and I have never seen Spencer cook"
Spencer and I joined forces and made thin buttermilk pancakes.
They were a hit, and we had a few left-over to feed
Bear and Gigs when hunger strikes.

Oliver said:
"I had fun the time we went to the mountains and had suckers"
The "mountains" was at beautiful Sundance resort, up Provo Canyon.
Mountain bikers were taking advantage of the killer skiing hills and the lift.
Dinner was delicious as usual. I had the halibut. Seriously, good food there.

Nicholas had to whisper his favorite part in my ear
(because he was being ultra sneaky today):
"My favorite part was swimming at the lake"
We took the Jones' for a nice sail in the AuroraMark (our boat).
The wind wasn't that impressive, but it was a good opportunity
for the children (and the fathers) take a dip in the green water.

{Other lake photos}

{me, the skipper}

My favorite part was being with Ms. Jones. It was so much fun.
I love her. She makes me happy and I think that we
are going to pretty much be friends forever.

Mr. Nielson expressed his love for the
4th of July jets that fly around the city.
"They are loud and make me feel very patriotic and proud.
I also loved staying up to watch a movie
with you (me) and Lindsay (Ms. Jones) and Spencer.
You and Lindsay would fall asleep and Spencer and I
wound up watching the movies together.

It was a real bonding moment for us men.
Oh, and pretending to ride the sweet crotch rocket
while my bike was getting fixed"
{in flips no less}
I loved getting ready for my guests by getting the guest room all gussied up.
Cute pillows and sheets from here and here to help assist.

**Tonight is Justin Hackworths 30 strangers exhibit!**
I hope you can come. Lets meet. I am going to be reading
one of my favorite motherly blog posts.
Come look at Justin's amazing work.
The program begins at 7:30
Doors open at 6:00