Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Doctor is in

Good news:
Dr. J. is in town- as in, MY town.
He lives here, works here, and now we can actually have visits instead of
through texting and phone calls.

Mr. Nielson and I were his very first patients.
We walked back to his exam room, talked and we
presented him with some of Utah's finest bubbly.
And we checked out his new name tag and his office...
{where his wife Anna will decorate.
Good luck Anna. My suggestion?
Go find a hot photo of you so you can frame it
and have it near his computer so he knows how lucky he is.

Blessings come.
I have been blessed because one of my favorite doctors is working in
Utah Valley and can take care of me (and you).
Now, don't get me wrong, I am still in love Dr. L.
and the gang at The Arizona Burn Center, but this sure will be nice to
have check-ups and surgeries closer to home.
Like I said, this has been a blessing- a tender mercy in my life.

The Lord hears and answers our prayers.
He certainly has heard mine, taken care of me and offered
me hope when all seems lost.

After the visit, we drove to where Dr. J and Dr.J's Anna is building their new home.
It is a beautiful spot with a gorgeous view of the mountains...
rumor has it, his neighbor is this guy.

{Dr. J, Me, Mr. Nielson and Mrs. Dr. J- Anna}

When Mr. Nielson and I got home and offered the children Cafe Rio for dinner.
Then Claire flushed Ollie's fish down the toilet, and it wasn't even dead!
We were all stunned. Oliver was heart-broken, since the fish was a
gift from his girlfriend who moved to California.
But, Jane was out of control.
Now I understand the "wailing and gnashing of teeth",
as described in the scriptures.

I am so ready for bed.