Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Clark's at the ranch; chapter 2

Paint by Number and Lizards:
Paint by numbers

I bought as many cheap ranch/horse/animal themed paint-by-numbers
for those of us at the ranch who needed our hands busy inside (besides cooking).
All the children were involved as well as the adults.
It was a hit, well it was an addiction actually
(ask Lucy what time she went to bed last night?)
Someday in my house I will display all the paint-by-numbers I've created
over the years framed on a wall.

Then some caught lizards
(and Jimmy ate some too)

**Attention, if you want to check out
Justin Hackworth's 30 strangers exhibit he did, check it out here***

And another thing:
Dear cute girl at my local Paul Mitchell:
Remember when you offered something to me on a card when my
girlies were getting thier haircuts?
I can't find it, but I'd LOVE to redeem it.
Can you contact me??