Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4th of July parade

Did you know that where I live (in Provo, UT),
we have a pretty awesome parade on the 4th of July?
Well, even if the parade is crap, it still is fun to be with my
whole family wearing patriotic colors and waving flags.
I have been going to that parade since 1982.
I want my children to remember the simple days at Provo's Freedom Festival.
It is something I will never forget.

Can you spot family member's?
Want to play "Where's Waldo" (or where is Nies famildo)?

Ok here it goes:

*Emma Checketts (niece)
*Matt Clark (brother)
*Betsy Beesley (niece, named after ME)
*Jane Nielson (daughter)
*Lindsay and Maria Clark (sister-in-law and niece)
*Maloy and Harriet (niece and nephew)
*Spencer Jones and Bear (Ms. Jones' husband)
*The grumpy mean lady who parked herself and her 300 children in our spot
that my sweetheart nephews and nieces saved all day and night.
Hint, she has a blue shirt on and a camping chair.

That was fun, right?

I am almost done with the 4th of July holiday photos and activities!

***Also, if you are familiar with Justin Hackworth photography,
then please join him (and me) at his 30 Strangers exhibit on Friday, July 15th at 7:30.
It will be a beautiful night of readings and gorgeous mother-daughter pairing photos***
more info here.