Wednesday, July 06, 2011

2011 Family Gala

{Favorite picture of the evening. Check out Lucy's face, then Cjane's,
then over to my other sister Page..(They are going to kill me for this}

{Lindsay wins for the best hair, while Lucy wins for the best dress from Shabby Apple; here}

{That's my boy!}

{Topher spray painted these beauties- they look great!}

{Mrs Cjane announcing the totally amazing band
(that we rigged to come to our little family gala) FICTIONIST}

{Is that from that awesome band Fictonist?}
{Check them out on Rolling Stone here too}

{Me and Mr. Nielson- very patriotic!}

{We couldn't begin the festivities without taking a family group shot. We were all laughing so hard, I am pretty impressed that we look pretty normal in this one.
I'm pretty bummed that I will forever have to wear hot sweaty tights on my lumpy legs...
but it totally could be worse, I was pretty close to losing those puppies}

God Bless America, {and go Mitt!}