Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A triumphant change.

The family went to a movie to celebrate the Memorial Day weekend.
Then I felt guilty.
We didn't go and visit the Men and Women at their graveside
who fought and died so bravely for our country.
And we should have.

We didn't sing a patriotic song.
Or tell war stories of triumph and celebration.
Instead, we went to a movie.
We were late to the movie, sat apart, and I fell asleep.
This morning I got up and vowed to change my ways.
From now on, my children will KNOW why we celebrate Memorial Day.
My family will be more patriotic.
We will be more respectful of this amazing day.

I think I started the day off right this morning when I woke everyone up
with a little AC/DC.
Along with the sweet music I made everyone watch this.
We felt strong and united and my boys want to be fighter pilots now.

**Happy June, it is my birthday month! The big 3-0, wowzers**