Thursday, June 23, 2011

Still under the weather...

Its me writing from my bed.
The bad news is, I am sick. I may have an ulcer which was probably caused by the accident.
The good news is, I have the best doctors helping me through it, the best family, and the most incredible husband nursing me to health.

I think Mr. Nielson saw how low I was today and revealed the most
darling birthday gift he'd been hiding. He put it all together,
and I will share it with you on my birthday.
But it made me so happy!!
I love him so much.
My brother Matt checked up on me and brought me a tigers blood snow cone.
{{my favorite}}
And Meg (my sister-in-law) took my children.
It is so nice to have a family.
I am so blessed.

And if I am going to be deathly ill, I'd rather feel sick in my own bed looking
out my window and smelling Russian olive trees than in a hospital looking at nothing
but soaps on a crappy TV and smelling gross hospital food.
I am blessed.

(Justin Hackworth photos)