Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Saggy baggy neck

{My neck doesn't really look like this anymore, nah ah}

Its amazing how blessings come.
I went to Dr. M.'s office and he took off my neck wrap.
Yes, a real life neck!
A neck that really used to be my back...but now its my neck, and it looks great.
I love Dr. L with all my heart.
(even though he is not reading this)
My neck is still pretty swollen and will need another go at it...
{you know, under the knife again} But wow, I am very encouraged.
I also need to wear my neck wrap longer, so my neck will be under "wraps" too.

{Papa in 2008}
I am a little sad tonight. My favorite Papa in the whole world is not doing so well.
My Mother e-mailed the family and it was so sad to read I have felt so terribly emotional.
Papa is 98 years old, if he wants to leave us, he can, but I will miss him so much.

Now, I am going to bed. I am sad and happy. Its so weird. I need to sleep on it.