Monday, June 06, 2011

Post surgery/Nie asks on Blogher

{minutes before the knife}
I did it! I made it through another surgery experience.
It was a doozy.
Dr. L. was a champ!!!
Just as I suspected, there was no vein anywhere visible where a IV could be placed.
After a few pokes (er, digs) with a 22 gauge needle (whatever that means) in my foot.
I actually said (to all around me and especially) to the anesthesiologist
"enough" complete with a few tears.
Then I asked the most genius question ever known.
I asked if I could be put asleep with the loony gas first, then they could dig anywhere they wanted to find that perfect vein...anywhere.
(and they did, oh you my private area)

I smooched Mr. Nielson and said (as I always do)
"If I die...then...."
Usually he shuts me up before I can say anything, but this time
I told him not to marry anyone else, or else I would haunt his second wife.

Then I found myself in the operating room. Usually one is not in the operating room because you would have most likely had a normal plumpish looking vein that at that moment would have
deliciously wonderful sleepy medicine running through it and around to your relaxed body.
But not me.
The operating room was really cold, and the bed rather small and uncomfortable.
The nurses were very nice and called me "sweetie" and "honey".
They asked if they could do anything to help me feel more comfortable and relaxed and all I could think of was how badly I wanted Dr. L. right next to me as I dozed off.
He was no where in sight. Probably "scrubbing in". Then I pictured him like the doctors in E.R. in a big wash room practically scrubbing the hairs off of their arms, then he would come into the OR as the nurses put on his gown, gloves and mask then he would save the day.
I looked around, and couldn't see Dr. L anywhere.
I didn't want to be annoying and I saw above me the plastic mask that would soon cover my mouth and nose. And before it could be put it on me, I asked if I could hear some music before I went out. The nurse said of course I could (sweetie), then turned up something.
I have no recollection of what it was then or now.

{Me and Mr. Nielson{with my glasses on} all smiles now}
I am home now, with a really really really really tight wrap around my neck.
I am practically choking.

***Nie asks on BlogHer***
Nie asks:

What would we do without Popsicle's this summer??

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