Monday, June 13, 2011

Marley's Ghost/Nie asks on Blogher

{Me looking like Marley's ghost, and I still can't understand why I am smiling like that,
its not comfortable or funny- well maybe a little bit, and me with more of a neck}

The Familygator did it again.
We made it home after another loooong drive from AZ to UT.
Its good to be home.
Something about my own home that makes me so happy.
My own bed.
My own stuff.
My own toilet.

Our yard looks like the Amazon, and the weather here is perfect.
We got up just in time for church yesterday.
{but not before I had to break the sabbath, and I am feeling really guilty about it.}
My neck it sore.
I have to wear a bandage that looks like Marley's ghost.
It hurts my ears too.
It wraps around my neck and I feel claustrophobic all day long.
It helps my new neck {phase 1} create a scab, which will adhere to the inside of
my chin to keep a thinner looking neck.
{I don't even know what I just wrote}
I just do what Dr. L tells me to do.

I will look like Marley's ghost for another 4 weeks.
Um, I'll just stay at home for a little while.
If you need me, you will know where to find me.
But don't come looking.

***Nie asks on BlogHer***

What would we do without crocs??

Answer here.

***Special Thanks to Dr. Maffi.***
Thanks for doing everything you do, and you know what you do.
Your office is nicer than my house, and that is why
I get so excited to come visit.
Thanks for the delicious water in glass bottles.
Thanks for a lovely selection of over 500 magazines to read while waiting.
Thanks for having the nicest assistants and nurses.
Thanks for making me laugh.
Thanks for making me look beautiful.

(Mr. Nielson on his recent laser beam treatment. Dr. Maffi and Sunshine}