Thursday, June 02, 2011

Hunchies last stand

Hey guys,

We pulled into Mesa at 2:45 this morning.
Mr. Nielson was wide awake and ready for sleep.
The rest of us were goners.
We all quieted down around Flagstaff.
He tried to wake me up a few times to talk, and at one point he asked me to
bare my testimony of my faith and I laughed.
I think I tried, but talked myself right back to sleep.
Poor man, he deserves a good rest.

We are here to say audios to hunchie (on my neck).
Dr. L is going to finish stage two.
Hunchies last stand {as I like to call it}
Tomorrow, I will be back in the surgery mode.

Happy Weekend, to leave you this weekend, check out my friend and amazing painter
Steven Waggoner's new site about his project he so darling-ly named "NieNie's Weenies".
Pretty cleaver and cute. It is all about the process of painting one of his masterpieces- in my case, its my children. Go HERE to see the cool new site.
I am so excited!!
You can e-mail Steven about commissioning him to paint your
 loved ones- these are precious and priceless!!

Have a wonderful weekend.

This is what I am reading- my spiritual inspiration.
and, for those of you who missed the Glenn Beck Program with me and Mr. Nielson
go HERE to watch it now.