Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What is the world coming to?

{Ninjas playing with electronics}

I ran a bajillion errands today with my boys.
They are pretty good little errand runners, and Ollie saved up his pennies
for a few Tron action figures. He bought one for Nicholas.
{remind me, that I need to film them playing sometime, it is absolutely hilarious}

I asked Ollie to get me the mail outside this afternoon, as I often do.
I watched him out the window {from the kitchen} unload the mail.
He took one long look, then I watched him stick a single magazine under his arm.
I could see it; a lady in a bikini. It was a Victoria's Secret catalog.
I watched him drop the mail on the couch and then {with the magazine still under his arm}
run into my bedroom, softly shut the door and yell for Gigs.

I walked into the Mr. Nielson's office with this slightly hilarious, mostly perverted news.
I told him that Ollie was his first born son and that I couldn't deal with this, I also couldn't believe that he needed to talk this matter out with his 5 and 4 year old sons.
What is this world coming to?
Dear Victoria's Secret, You send me one more catalog, and I'll kick your teeth in.

And finally today,
I was thinking of my very favorite doctor in the whole wide world. Dr. L.
If anyone tells me that they think I am "so beautiful....on the inside" I think of him.
He is trying to make me beautiful on the outside. But he knows the difference, and I really appreciate that in a plastic surgeon.
He is headed to a far away land and I told him to please not get in an accident, or let his airplane crash because I really need him back for our "surgery date" in June.