Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekend plans/Presenting Steven Waggoner

It is Friday, and with that comes the weekend.
Last weekend, I was in Las Vegas with Mr. Nielson.
We pretended we were in Italy {but really we were in the Palazzo}
eating Italian bread and gelato. Not bad.

This Friday/Saturday I am planning on weeding my garden then planting my seeds.
I pray the weather will corporate since it has been raining non-stop for the past week.
I want to work in the yard while the children play on the lawn.
I want Mr. Nielson to make veggie burgers and serve Mexican coke.

Or we may stop off at Marley's in the Riverwoods and visit my super cute nephew
VAN flipping burgers in the back {or flirting with the hot chicks who work there}
We stopped by last week for some good grub.
The onion rings are to die for, as is the fried ice cream.
The sliders aren't so bad either- they even have a vegetarian item.
Ask for the skinNIE!

{Nicholas at Marley's gourmet sliders}

I have asked my friend and amazing painter Steven Waggoner to paint my children's profiles.
I am going to put them together in my living room. {see below}
They look like photographs they are so real looking. He is amazing.
I will be so excited when they are finished, it will be a so neat to have displayed in my home.
This is priceless art. Steven can be reached on his website if you are interested in having your child, grandchild, or loved one painted.

{Steven's steps to a finished product-pretty amazing}

Have a good weekend.
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