Monday, May 16, 2011

A special announcement/Nie asks on Blogher

{"Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is this turkey neck to go away"}

This is such a fantastic announcement!
Are you ready?
Ok, here it is:
{No, I am not pregnant...I wish}

I am writing a book.
A real book that will be sold at real bookstores!! Oh Ya.
My book will be out next Spring.
For now, I am working on it.
And by that I mean I am conjuring up those difficult memories to put in the book
that will hopefully help you realize that you can do hard stuff too-
whatever you are going through at any given moment.

Are you wondering what the picture has to do with my post?
Me too.

This weekend, I am down in Las Vegas schmoozing with lovely Mitt supporters.

Who are you thinking about today?

I am thinking about my big brother Matt and his wife Katy. They are amazing people.

Tell me here.