Monday, May 30, 2011

Santa's workshop in May/Nie on Beck/Blogher

{I am sure glad that Mr. Nielson had his man-purse in the photo}

We were invited to the coolest children toy/candy store in Utah.
The only way I can describe it is like being in Santa's workshop.
{That is what I kept telling the children}
They believed me, which means they still believe in Mr. C.- Thank heavens!!!
The store is set up so darling, its like FAO Schwartz- but in Utah County. Amazing, really.

{Glenn in his studio}

I invite you to watch my family on the Glen Beck Program today. Check your local listings-
We talk about pretty much the same stuff you have heard, but this time we get to really tell and explain why we are still alive. God. Faith. Religion. God.- It felt so good.
I think it will be nice. I hope so.
After the show, (on tomorrow's blog) I will give a little post-show wrap-up and talk about my experiences in New York City- good times.
{Me outside the Fox studio's. One of the last photos I will take with a fat on Friday}
Happy Monday.
Happy Memorial day to you and yours.
For the fun of it, check out Mr. Nielson's profile.
You don't know what that is, you say?
Here, go here to find out.
Us Mormons, we are kinda cool, I think.

*******Nie asks on Blogher:********
What do your children do for fun?

My children adore our hot tub!
and after, lunch here
Tell me here.