Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nielson's hit New York

{the beautiful rainbow from the road in Provo}

Mr. Nielson and I are snuggled together on the 26th floor on 52nd and Avenue of the Americas. Our window overlooks a million lit windows even though it is midnight in the big city.
New York is such an exciting city.
We took the children to dinner and left Nicholas' new green lantern guy at the table.
We walked back four blocks to pick it up, but it was gone.

Now, the children are asleep in the next room and the rain is falling from the glowing sky.
Tomorrow we will be visiting with Glenn Beck on his program.
After, the children have the whole day planned.
I hope I can keep up with them.

{of course we had to get a few new things, and here to wear on national TV}