Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The New York/Glenn Beck wrap-up

"Concrete jungle where dreams are made of..." Lady Liberty {and some tourists}

{Ollie on the Lady Liberty boat, Mr. Nielson in the taxi car}

{Lady Liberty spotting}

{New York traffic-mostly yellow * Ollie in the taxi figuring out his new legos}

{Me in the back of a taxi after our visit to FAO Schwartz. Claine with their new dolls}

{The Nielson's with Mr. Glenn Beck,
Ollie fell asleep on Glenn's couch about 15 minutes before we taped- classic Ollie}

{The children in the Glenn Beck recording studio}

{Me and Mr. Nielson after the taping on the Glenn Beck program}

{Central Park children...about 3 seconds after this picture:
A) Nicholas peed near a tree
B) Ollie joined him
C) Ollie finds a "human poop" near that tree
D) All the children want to see
E) We leave that area of the park

{It looks like someone behind me is snooping around my e-mail to Lindsay}
..."check to make sure that we don't have any dead mice in my house when we get home"

{Breakfast in a Times Square diner}

Mr. Nielson and I sat next to each other yesterday as we watched the Glenn Beck Program.
Mr. Nielson and I were able to share our love for God, and faith and why
we believe we are still kicking. It was God, and still is God.
I was honored Glenn asked me to share some of my experiences on his program.
Mostly I was pleased that I got to express to the world my feelings.
I told Mr. Nielson after the show, that I totally had made myself cry.
Some of you even watched the taping.
If you did, you will notice how completely distracted I was in the first segment.
You will have also noticed my boys fighting on the front row.
I wanted to die- but not really.

I also wished {as it were, the Memorial Day special} able to announce on the show how thankful I was for those Men and Woman serving this Country I love and the people I love.
I should have announced that Doug, our good friend and pilot in the crash {who passed away},
had served in the Air force. He was a good man, and I am proud to have known him.
PS. Here is the picture that I talked about here.

{The big O, and the Nielson family}