Friday, May 06, 2011

I am so glad it is Friday

{the boys of St. Louis}

I had kind of a bad day today.
Its true, I still have those now and then. They are the worst.
Pain wise I am hanging in there. Thanks heavens. I am feeling kind of emotionally low.
I shouldn't. I have so much happiness around me, but was reminded quite literally
about who I was when I was sick and in the hospital, and it took me back.
{and a little over the edge}
Mr. Nielson told me today that we don't live there anymore.
It made me feel quite relieved. Hallelujah!!

Speaking of the hospital, I talked to Dr. L. and we conversed
about my next surgery in Arizona.
My neck will be shaped into a neck. A real-live neck!!
It will a joyous day. Some day's when I think if how much more of me needs work I get down.
But I try really hard to remember how far I have come and it lifts my spirits.
But the best thing for me to do is mug on my children, and it usually melts away.
Or else I try thinking of lovely things.
Like the boys of St. Louis. Actually the are the valiant Missionaries who work hard day in and day out finding and teaching folks the Gospel.
{They can teach you too go here to request the missionaries or a
free Book of Mormon}
Or I think about this picture.

{Ollie with his fiance Lucy on his "bike"}

Or this one.

{My girls and their cousins}

I think about last night when Mr. Nielson dared me to jump on the trampoline naked after we had our midnight soak in the hot tub. I asked him what he would give me if I did it, and he said that he would tickle my back until I fell asleep.
I obliged, and I did it. For about 3 minutes no-less.
Then he said that it didn't count, and I would have to try it again tomorrow night.
I knew he would do that!
But he makes me happy too...probably the most.

Happy weekend.
I am going to be busy preparing for our 1st annual Kentucky Derby party!!

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