Monday, May 02, 2011

He's handsome, he's mine, and he's got some news/nie asks on Blogher

Mr. Nielson has embarked on a new adventure!
He has begun his own life insurance company-Beacon Beneficial.
This is big news! Exciting news!!

Check out his website at
We have created a quick video for you to watch.
In it, Mr. Nielson explains why he believes
life insurance is the responsible step to take to protect your family.

When we had our accident in 2008, luckily we had life insurance.
But if we had died, and not had insurance, our families would
have had the sad, and overwhelming job of picking up the pieces.
They would have had to deal with the obligations of our
life, death, and our precious children.

Our life changing event has definitely has made us ponder about
how much of a problem this could have caused our families and
most importantly, our babies futures.

Please consider this as you watch the video.

Happy Monday!
May Day was yesterday.
In true May Day fashion, my Mother sent me a little nosegay flower arrangement.
It was beautiful and so dainty.

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