Thursday, May 26, 2011

Glenn, New York, and the big O

{I can't get over that turkey neck}

Dear friends,
I am still here in Nie York City!
We taped for the Glenn Beck Memorial Day show which will air on Monday.
{(5/31) Check your local listings for times}
Glenn really isn't as spooky as some folks think. {In fact, he likes to use that word a lot}
He actually is a totally cool guy.
I will blog more {with photos} about that dude when I get home.

Right now, Claine is driving me nuts.
They want to watch a American Girl movie we just bought while the boys were
browsing the Lego store in Rockefeller Square.
So exciting.
Also exciting, {soooo exciting} we met in Mr. O's green room for a chat and a photo.
After we said our goodbyes to the big O, we ran outside to check out the photo.
The picture was totally blurry.
I swear I saw Mr. Nielson shed a tear.

Mr. O was so cute and got down, put his arm around Nicholas and smiled big.
{Did you know that Mr. O is really tall.}

Good night from New York!

{two of my monkeys after dinner}
(the children are wearing some new digs for the NYC trip.)